Three perfect ways

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The Dickies – Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song)

Yes, it is that song from that soundtrack and we’ve all heard it and bobbed those collective heads of ours, but it’s worth a closer listen. Festive energy is the wrap of deliciously delicate fury. “Four bananas, three bananas, two bananas, one – all bananas playing in the bright warm sun.” It’s fun and essential escapism, with a wink and a mocking nod to those incapable of such whimsical creation. A bad mood set to ruins with the controlling charge of aural bombardment. [Vinyl.]

2 Responses to “Three perfect ways”

  1. Draemanx says:

    Indeed, the song has cheered my mood. Thank you!

  2. Moon_Spider says:

    Actually, my fav song of all time!! Hated the Banana Splits show, loved the track in Kick-Ass!!

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