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Karl Blau – Before Telling Dragons

Komodo dragons grow up to 10 feet in length, half of which is tail, and can weigh over 150 lbs.

Komodo dragons can stand on their hind legs, using their tails as a prop.

Komodo dragons can live over 50 years.

Komodo dragons can climb trees when young.

Komodo dragons can sprint over 12 mph, belying the methodical pace with which they slither-crawl around when relaxed.

Komodo dragons use their “flexible skulls and expandable stomachs” to swallow anything up to 80% of their body masses. After digesting, Komodo dragons will regurgitate a vomity mass of horns, hair, feathers, and teeth.

Komodo dragons have two penises which are held inverted in the body and rotated between hot sexin’ times.

Komodo dragons kind of scare me.

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