Fall be kind

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Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky

There’s an ocean floor quality to Sky; that blurry drama, the blue, the sway – and the expectant listener, too, waiting for emotive explosives. It’s the Collective outdoing their previous best. Its birth breathing “good deeds” and its death longing for an answer and response to the question “What would I want? Sky”, both in mantra swing. Avey Tare wants, for brief moments if allowed, the release from thought and the carried rest of God’s arms. It’s to be withdrawn from the not-knowing and the out-of-control rush of the everyday. Or, in its surrealist state, maybe it’s just jargon – words to melodies so precious and melodies to sounds of an underwater robot forest. “Do you get up-up-up? Clouds stop and move above me. Too bad they can’t help me. When I stop and look around me, grey is where that colour should be. What is the right way?” [Domino.]

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    Keep it up!!
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