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TV Girl – If You Want It

“Hello, it’s me.”

It may be the early-bird present giving season saturating my already eager system, but If You Want It‘s pocket-change-jangling introduction sounds like supermarket shopping distraction; those seasonal tracks spinning in dance on open air over product shelving, spinning just a little too fast to hurry you out of there.

“We’ve done this before.”

The song’s storyteller, its one sided bias, tells of a drunken romp with the familiar, a certain masochistic guilt, the passing of lacking-time, and repeated consummation of bare skinned embrace. Somewhere between the narrator’s enunciated admission is the space to park our very own exaggerations of possible love or obsession or both, and the petty jealousies that birth thereafter.

“I can see you’ve learned some tricks from those boys over in Europe.”

“If You Want It” meanders with the vinyl static of an Old Dirty Bastard instrumental (I think it’s the tight lipped slam of anything rhythmic) and never lets up, with a fragranced air of rattled piano keys and squealing trumpet. “In the hallway your eyes stay on the ground. Doesn’t bother me, because when the weekend comes around you’ll want it [again] and you’ll get it.”

If you do want this and those pockets of yours (ours) are ever too tight, to the point of finger nibbling on inspection, then fear not, TV Girl has released a self-titled four-track extended play for free download – even in fantasy high formats for “audiophiles and nerds”. It’s a welcome feature and seasonal one. Go get it.

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