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Futbol Club Barcelona – Cant del Barca

@elrob Robert Martinez
Glamour, individual battles for supremacy, tactical intrigue, political significance, moral dichotomies: Clásico.

It could be beautiful. A cauldron of animosity, tic tic tic tic tic, barnstorming tackles, the Philosopher against the Antagonist, questions partly answered. Or it could be dull, a stalemate, a precursor to a few months from now where it happens once more. Whatever the result, it starts in just under seven hours. It features at least two of the very best humanity has to offer in this field. It builds in suspense until the first-minute whistle and crumbles into reflection after the ninetieth. Buen apetito.

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  1. Zac says:

    Ramón Besa in El País: “Goals fall at Camp Nou like autumn leaves: naturally, beautifully and serenely.”

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