Whatever Happened, Conor Deasy?

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The Thrills – Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?

I don’t know where the Thrills are anymore. On hiatus? Broken? In-cave living? Woodwork workshop? Creative writing class? Bemoaning Irish politics and listing – in its vast entirety – what exactly has gone wrong?

What’s certain is that they have disappeared. Probably once Virgin’s desire for further chart topping fell flat, leaving that champagne bottled untouched, its virginity free from clumsy spoils for one further night. And this was all of three years ago now. This song, almost in its eight year of existence, summons the very best of the Thrills. Deasy, with that ‘everything’s-gonna-get-better’ tone, washes tough and sharpened layers of rugged instrumentation with lush and promising darts of strained melody, all the while accompanied by strings that gloss and dazzle an already drenched melodic offering, fraught at the mouth with failed emotional restraint. “I came to the city /to build a mountain” He would. “So if I betray you…” He wouldn’t. As a clear departure from their usual ocean-free delivery, …Corey Haim has huge drive and surges with intent to clear pop heights. A dizzy memory. [Splash.]

2 Responses to “Whatever Happened, Conor Deasy?”

  1. Rob says:

    Good fun while they lasted, though. “One Horse Town” is another favourite.

  2. Eoghan says:

    I miss them, first two albums were so good, so many memories. I was literally wondering what Deasy was up to these days when you posted this, I’d love to know. Probably the most surreal popular lyricist since Dylan. “Those Elvis frauds, how they’ll applaud. Farewell my friends.”

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