You only need songs when you’re young.

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Stars – The Last Song Ever Written

My vision of the far future is tainted by tacky television shows. So when I try to imagine the world in 100 years, pretending this actually was the last song humanity came up with, I see people in those silver jumpsuits. They’re in a museum, all sleek lines and dust-free.

One of them sporting a Win Butler haircut approaches a pair of Sennheisers hanging on a stand. A holographic message pops up explaining the background of the song and band. The kid apprehensively puts the headphones on and the song begins.

For a while the embarrassingly self-referential and meta lyrics distract him, but then syrup voices sing “la la la la la” and somewhere under that half-shaved haircut, pleasure censors in his brain flick on in places they’ve never lighted before.

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