A call to you and romance

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The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

So this is a love song.

As inviting as a call to conquer! As inviting as the teasing and alluring finger curl of the being in your dreamed dreams. As inviting as the cradle of vinyl crackle and the arrival of growing pre-taste on sight or sound of crisp cigarette burn (00:01) – and its blow out, half a minute later (00:24).

A love song.

The waspish rhythmic fidget of hand over guitar string ensures Toothpaste… is held with consistent regard, allowing for the assurance of grace and a heartfelt gush through its fine centre. Weeks’ voice is entirely implicated in the listeners fall to submission, as his romantic drawl and pitch precision wins inviting hearts, “Cradle me [and] I’ll cradle you.” Swinging Hawaiian lead guitar overlaps rumbles of sweetened bass, all exercising the fresh elegance of subtle playfulness until their final exhaustion, expressed through confidently escaping whistles.

“We’ll do the things that lovers do.”

[See also ‘Precious Time’ and ‘Latchmere’.] [Buy, please.]

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