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The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires

There was a time in my life, albeit brief, between moving back to America for college and this god-forsaken Twilight fad in which vampires were, unmistakeably, cool. My nerdy friends and I found them just counterculture enough to champion.

We sat on futons in dorm rooms watching Interview With The Vampire and Underworld. We patted ourselves on our backs for picking up analogies to the treatment of homosexuals, and in general geeked out over the superpowers and the gritty themes. We read up on the malleable back-story through the centuries, and posited drunken theories about how the myth began.

Obviously, vampires have since become synonymous with the most nauseating form of tween romance and glitter being worn in public. But this Mountain Goats song reminds me of how, briefly, vampires were as ice cool as the blood not circulating through their blue veins.

[Buy music, not glitter.]

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