Real human being

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College – A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth)

I’ve found that selective electronic music now satisfies my every plea for a soundscape, without fail, without whimper. Vibrant palettes of sound frisking on the borders of the otherworldly, aiding only the most expressive of vocal deliveries. The fire proof blend of the banal and the gut. “A Real Hero” is a song whose simplicity is just about enough. The horizon isn’t dreamt of, nor are there radio looped beats so obtrusive as to quench brewing enjoyment. To its benefit, it falters in the demand of one’s attention, unlike the hypnotic crush of any offshore wash. There’s timely shimmering detail in the offing, enough to make content event the most ardent of listener. The cold and steady layering of keyboard is apt staging to a voice sophronized to the point of definite believability. This voice, part sole provider of emotion, part synth actress, conquers the chorus, with the contorting cadences of her voice so sensational and essential to the quashing of synth and its fakery. A voice so sultry yet all at once so explosive. “You have proved to be a real human being and a real hero.” [155 people or more.]

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