You leave me no choice.

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Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine

One-nighters are easy: go to bar, meet girl, talk to girl, kiss girl, take girl home or – preferably – to her place, leave, number: optional.

Monogamy: meet Girl, talk to Girl, connect with Girl, divulge feelings to Girl, maybe make out with Girl, exchange numbers, see Girl for coffee, wait for particular night to sleep with Girl, wake up in the morning and get breakfast with Girl, spend time chatting until somebody has to leave, keep calling and messaging Girl, feel nothing all the while knowing she’s feeling something, feel suffocated, keep sleeping with Girl until she decides she really really likes you, hesitate and say something that is nice but not really in tune with what she said hoping that one day you will grow up and like another person in that kind of way, become distant, watch her face change, keep divulging feelings and thoughts and watch her idea of you meet the reality of you, feel depressed, break up with Girl, go to a bar. [I’ll tame your impala.]

3 Responses to “You leave me no choice.”

  1. Boy says:

    Good song. I am downloading their first album as I type.

    Also is that a real number?

  2. Joan says:

    It could be. Ring it.

  3. General Akbar says:

    It’s a trap.

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