Perfectly able to hold my own hand

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Wye Oak – Civilian

Things I did on my day off:

  •   Got my pockets shortened by my tailor.
  •   Ate a leftover fried banana.
  •   Overpaid for a translucent keyboard cover for my new MacBook.
  •   Checked to see if HiFiMAN had gotten its act together yet and shipped more RE-Zeros to my headphone shop. It hadn’t.
  •   Watched Thierry Henry score for Arsenal.
  •   Dozed.
  •   Read Calvin & Hobbs.
  •   Dozed.
  •   Caved in an listened to my playlist entitled “Songs of Yearning.”
  •   Moped.
  •   Ate mee udang at the place along the ocean. The last time I was there Joseph accepted my bet of RM 50 to strip and swim to a nearby raft, which surprised me as I assumed him too callow to carry through on his boasts.
  •   Watched a shitty movie.
  •   Went to the far side of the airport, lay down on my back in the grass and watched airplanes land in their all their jet-noise glory.
  •   Wondered why I don’t have any friends who seem interested in activities like lying on the grass and watching the airplanes land, especially since, really, it’s the only type of activity I’m any good at.
  •   Flailed my arms furiously at the air and spazzed out listening to ‘Civilian’ on repeat on headphones in my living room.
  •   Decided that — if I keep my head down and take it one bullet-point-sized activity at a time — I just might be able to handle this whole life thing. [Civilian.]

4 Responses to “Perfectly able to hold my own hand”

  1. Adina says:

    I read this blog almost every day and always appreciate the posts but never comment. Imagining lying in the grass and watching airplanes land, though, sounds so beautiful. I wish I could have been there with you. Maybe someday I will.

  2. Required Name says:

    I would lay down with you Zackariah. Good song as well, I am off to find more.

  3. ai lin says:

    Three notes:
    This song is pretty damn near perfect.
    What shows up on “Songs of Yearning”?
    “Too callow to carry through” is an enjoyable turn of phrase.

  4. Zac says:

    Ai, I have since deleted “Songs of Yearning” so I’m not sure anymore. Just a lot of songs to mope to.

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