We are old and grey

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Guided By Voices – Old Bones

By registered post, we’ve sent for her indefinite residency on the greenest isle. The folder/application/lifeline, unintentionally sickly green, is thick with pages still warm from an overworked printer. Copies of copies prove its muscle, with insides including an abundant fall of letters one wouldn’t keenly show to even a best friend, birth certificates, one with an ink print of baby feet (about the size of those toy cars we had as children, the ones you’d get free with cereal), financial records, receipts, invitations, film stubs, concert tickets; everything once saved and stored and now used. Set out are our characters – in black and white characters – now en route in its registered clothing, for us simply to wait and be judged. “When your bones are frail.” [Let’s Go Eat The Factory.]

One Response to “We are old and grey”

  1. Zac says:

    And here I thought I had the monopoly on creepily-personal posts.

    Here’s to those Irish bureaucrats showing leniency.

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