She gets the far-away look in her eyes

Written by

Tunde Adebimpe – Unknown Legend

Neil Young – Unknown Legend

They don’t tell you about the feces.

No one sits you down, puts a hand on your shoulder, and says, “Look. Life’s full of shit. Literal shit.” I think they should. Someone should warn you. Maybe a note from your university or something.

“At some point you will become a real adult and along will come the feces. You’ll feel the creamy texture of dog shit through an all-too-thin baggie as you lean over the city sidewalk. You’ll hold two baby legs aloft with one hand, the other smearing shit off its ass, which has better skin than you do. Your life will be ok, but it will be full of shit. You will smell shit all the time. You will buy candles and light them in your house. You will sometimes sit alone on the toilet and wonder about sewage systems and what people did before them and what it means that you’re willing to clean up the crap of babies and beasts. Eventually, once you’re comfortable with all that, you’ll wash the frail frame of a dying parent that defecated itself. Try not to make eye contact.”

[Rachel Getting Married / Harvest Moon.]

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