Look right look left, makes me think of death

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Sun Kil Moon – UK Blues (live)

About a year ago I pitched a story to a magazine about slogans on t-shirts in Asia. I dallied writing it and eventually the commissioning editor moved on, leaving me with a bunch of notes with silly/stupid/sentimental sayings. Here’s the ones I jotted down during my stint in Malaysia (with jaunts to Indonesia, Thailand and China adding to the list):

“I’m free / Take me”
“Keep calm and party naked” (seen on a kid roughly 12 years old)
“Dreams come true”
“Slow follow hello yellow”
“If you want a burger done better add bacon and cheddar”
“We do not check ID card” (on the uniform of bar staff)
“The world exists perfect”
“I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky”
“The last man on earth is not alone”
“It’s a Jeep thing … U won’t understand!!!”
“I want to make your soul shine”
“All say better value. I’m here to make you =)”
“Nothing is as fun as sex!”
“I (heart) girls on top”
“Love stinks”
“I’m not very good at social interactions”
“We are crazy / God bless youngsters”
“She’s bitch”
“Yeah, I play on expert”
“Music and rock and roll and you and me”
“Communists Smurfs”

[Among the Leaves.]

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